The first time that I explored the photopolymer technique (a photosensitive plate) was in the spring of 2000 when, instead of using a negative, I drew onto a transparent film with black opaque ink and a brush. Later on, I started to experiment with graphics on the computer using text and photographs.

After several steps including making the file, then transcribing onto the plate, and finally placing the design on the print with paper hand feeding, each print comes out beautiful and one of a kind. 



I own a Vandercook Universal I, which is considered a proof press. 

I do the photopolymer plates myself, so I can design almost anything I want on the computer (using Macintosh software, including pictures) and then print it on the press. 


I have done commissions for National University and Design Innovation Institute for designing, binding, and printing letterpress art books. 




From a one of a kind binding, box, or design, I will complete a commission using high quality materials with exquisite precision. I provide letterpress print for books, social invitations, presentations, posters, and stationary sets.

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