I was born and raised in Mexico City. I obtained a bachelors degree in Graphic Design from Universidad Anáhuac del Sur, Mexico City. 


I worked as a freelance designer just after college in the family printing business. I came to this country to study English at UCSD in 1998, and then obtained a MFA from SDSU after a wonderful experience as a grad student in 2004. SDSU was the place where I learned about art books, aesthetics, functionality of design and teaching, which made me have a passion for working multimedia projects .


I have taken workshops and classes in bookbinding, letterpress and boxmaking at San Francisco Center for the Book, The Center for the Book Arts in New York, Center for Book and Paper Arts in Columbia College Chicago and Oregon College of Art and Craft.


My work is a combination of the influences of my past (experiences lived, background, religion) and living in the American culture. I have "custom made" my work for my new enviroment; living and breathing in American society and being part of it. A society that I have finally accepted, becoming proudly an American citizen. 


I always dreamed of the day that I would smell freedom and civil rights in the United States; enjoying a healthy, safer place for me and my family and it's where I have started to make my new roots.


I have merged my art into a stage that meets both my new life and my old hometown. A hometown that I still visit every summer in the company of my family, to get them inspired and to have the ability to smell and see the colors and textures that I once loved and bring me back to my childhood.


Through colors, smells, food, music, religion, language and traditions; every trip to my hometown is an opportunity to share life in my home country back to my new home in United States.


Inspired by nature, produced by hand

So many possibilities, making an idea come to life.